This foam crown molding is an easy crown molding to cut and install with our flat back design.
Custom made crown moulding corners can be precut for you at any angle. No miter cutting is needed.
Just put a bead of cauk on the top and bottom of the molding, press to the wall, wipe off the extra
caulk. You have installed and caulked the seams in one step!

The eaiest crown molding you will ever install !
Installs with painters caulk, No fastners, Easy to cut corners, Only one coat of water-based paint needed

Ships in 4 ft. and 8 ft. lengths

 Crown Molding Solutions offers inexpensive Flexible crown moldings, Foam crown moldings.
Ornate crown mouldings, Polyurethane crown moldings, Ceiling medallions,
Floor base moldings, Chair rail moldings and Installation products.
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Creative Crown moldings are made in America
Creative Crown foam crown molding are eco friendly
Cut Foam crown molding in a miter saw

Installs to the wall with painters caulk

Cuts in most miter saws in any position

Vaulted crown molding works great on
vaulted, sloped and cathedral ceilings

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Creative Crown 5.5
Creative Crown 5.5
Install foam crown molding at any position

Style 553V
Molding  $2.86 ft.

Style 555V
Molding  $2.86 ft.