Molding angle finders and how to use them

Use our crown molding angle finder to calculate any ceiling or wall angle.

This angle finder works great to find the exact degree for your crown moulding.

It is a must to have when cutting and installing crown molding.

We have two angle finders to choose from.
Order yours on-line.

Most homes have good 90 degree square walls.
Some older homes may have a foundation that has
settled causing unlevel, bowed or unsquare walls.
You may have walls with odd angles maybe
15, 22.5, 30, 45 degrees.

This tool is a great way to check your walls.
Our angle finder is a simple tool made to check the
corner angles of your room. Just spread the two plastic
legs against the corner walls. Then lock the center
brassnut and read the degree needed for your corner.

Now read the angle degree number that the
arrow is pointing to. If you are a handy man
you can cut your own corners.
It is very simple. Measure the wall angle.
Take the degree (example 90 deg.) and divide it by
2 = (45 deg.) and this will give you the angle of
Each ½ of the molding to cut.

You can print this paper angle finder

You will have to print one for each different angle checked.
Easy to use Foam Crown Molding angle finder.
This page is set up to assist you in finding the proper angle for the corners in your home.
First, print and click here for cutting and use instructions
Go to File on the top menu bar, go down to print, Properties, check Best, Color, Ok and Print.

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